These are the photos that I thought best represented my trip to Bannack, Montana. I was sad that I wasn’t able to get many pictures of the scenery and town but I am glad on the few photos that I did get. I tried to get photos that would represent my style, so a lot of photos are of run down buildings, cool colors, and doorways. Bannack is beautiful, and I would reccomend the trip to anyone!



I found this doorway in one of the old buildings. I loved the look of the crooked house and the three doorways that all went together. The cracked open door at the end of the hallways just added to the whole picture, I was unsure if I wanted the photo in color or black white, so I attempted black and white, I like the look that it came out with.



I wanted to get a different view of the schoolhouse than what most people would get. I noticed that there were these snow covered bushes in front, so with my kit lens I focused on the bushes, and came out with this final product.






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