As I began this process of macro/close up shooting, I realized that it is a lot more difficult than it seems. However, I had such a wonderful time learning the type of close up skills my camera had, and how I could make the photos much more crisp and clean in Photoshop!

Close Up- Bullets

My first three photos are of different bullets, I know that most people don’t look at the small details bullets have, and the details are quite amazing. It took me a lot of time to get each photo in focus where I wanted and to have enough light to really show the unique detail.

allysonjenson-7mm allysonjenson-7mmremmag allysonjenson-22

This last photo I did was of my leaky faucet. I was really drawn to the water droplets and the way that they show so much color and detail through them. After taking the original photo I brought it into Photoshop to sharpen and brighten up the colors! allysonjenson-dripdrip

Water Drops: Succulent & Broccoli


The picture of the succulent is one of my favorites, I noticed right away that I could get the water droplets to stay in once place on the plant. I used a squirt bottle to get the different sized drops. I took the photo and then brought it into Photoshop to sharpen and color the photo that I felt was most accurate with the plant.


This last picture was quite a bit difficult for me! The only thing I could think of using was a head of broccoli, the water droplets blended in so much with the broccoli that it was really difficult to catch one. I ended up using this photo, because I believe that it captured quite an amazing moment. I then took the photo into Photoshop to sharpen it up.


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