This was a more difficult project for me, I have never really used reflectors before and was not familiar with them. The weather was also overcast, making it more difficult to catch light off the reflectors. Cassie, Alli, and  I ended up using the 3rd floor of the Spori, and the first floor of the Snow, plus the outside, to try and pick up as much light as we could.

In this first photo, a gold reflector was used. It is in the right of the frame, aimed to highlight and fully illuminate Cassie’s face. It’s tough to tell, but it made a slight difference in the warmth of her face.


In this second photo, I didn’t pose Cassie as well as not using the reflector. I wanted to see the difference it would make, and I think it is quite drastic.


This third photo, was taking outside the Snow building using the silver reflector. It is again off to the right side of the frame. I think because of the overcast, and the reflection off of silver made Cassie a tad bit washed out.


This last photo was taken on the first floor of Snow right in front of a window to bring in a lot of lighting. Our first thought when taking this photo was to make it look dramatic, we used the white reflector to try to bounce off natural light. However, I think we picked up too much lighting. I went into Photoshop and brought out some darkness, which made it a tad bit better.



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