Words: Hat, Wade, and Faithful.

While doing this project I was really confused on what I wanted to do and how I wanted to go about doing it. I decided that all in all I just wanted a girl in a hat wading through a stream. It’s hard in Idaho especially around this time of year to find gorgeous greenery so I went about a desert feel. I took 3 images, the girl, one of the scenery, and one of the hat. I then combined them all in photoshop and editing the colors to get them to match one another. This is my final product. This project was the most time consuming and difficult task for me!




This is the image that I chose for my fine art print. This image was chosen because it was the best quality at a 16×20 size, as well as being simple, colorful, and unique. The picture was taken on my class’ Bannack Excursion on February 24th.

It may seem like I added a lot of edits to my photo, but in reality, I didn’t add that many, below I have the original photo to show what edits I added. I edited this photo solely in Photoshop. The first thing I did was duplicate the picture by adding a layer. Secondly, I played around with curves and levels to get the vintage warm tone. I then went in and took the shadows down and raised the exposure a little bit, knowing that when printed the photo would be a lot darker. I then made sure to sharpen the mason jars, I think I might’ve ¬†over sharpened them, but the photo still turned out well when printed out! Lastly, I used the stamp and removal tools to take out the extra pieces that I didn’t want in the picture, including the specks of dirt on the tablecloth.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!


These are the photos that I thought best expressed my photography over these past few months. I decided to choose an array of images, most from Bannack, but one from macro and another from aperture. I hope that with these images I will be able to be proud to have one hanging in the Spori. I’m open to editing tips and more.

1024 minorallysonjenson-bowlerhat



I had a difficult time coming up with a themed series, I ended up doing wall textures and wallpaper, I originally only wanted to incorporate textures with blue, but decided to base it off of a neutral color pattern with pops of certain colors. I used photoshop and lightroom to add my watermark, text, and to edit the photos. I decided to do most of my typography off of quotes and dictionary definitions, I thought it made it really interesting to look at and read, plus people would be able to learn more about a certain word. Overall, I think that it turned out okay, but I know for future activities what I can do better on.

allysonjenson-textures allysonjenson-foundation allysonjenson-perfection allysonjenson-waterdamage allysonjenson-whiteflower allysonjenson-yellowflowers allysonjenson-lilacs allysonjenson-macro allysonjenson-teal


These are the photos that I thought best represented my trip to Bannack, Montana. I was sad that I wasn’t able to get many pictures of the scenery and town but I am glad on the few photos that I did get. I tried to get photos that would represent my style, so a lot of photos are of run down buildings, cool colors, and doorways. Bannack is beautiful, and I would reccomend the trip to anyone!



I found this doorway in one of the old buildings. I loved the look of the crooked house and the three doorways that all went together. The cracked open door at the end of the hallways just added to the whole picture, I was unsure if I wanted the photo in color or black white, so I attempted black and white, I like the look that it came out with.



I wanted to get a different view of the schoolhouse than what most people would get. I noticed that there were these snow covered bushes in front, so with my kit lens I focused on the bushes, and came out with this final product.






These photos were some of the most fun yet hardest photos to take and edit. I feel like the final products really bring out the themes I wanted to have with each one of my photos.


For the levitation photo, I had one of our models lay down on a bench, I wanted it to look like she was effortlessly floating, so I adjusted her hair and dress to hit the ground. I then too another photo of just the room. I went into photoshop and masked the photos, I then took out the bench with the brush. I wanted a Snow White feel with this, so I used a muted/yet vibrant edit.




For the ghosting photo, I set my camera on a tripod and set the shutter speed to three seconds. I had the model stay put for about a second and then had him move through the door frame. I then brought the photo into Lightroom and sharpened the subject as well as up the contrast.



This was the balcony of the old hotel, I loved the pattern of the banister, so I decided to take a picture of it. I then went into photoshop to sharpen and bring out the colors.



I found this old desk and chair sitting against a wall with amazing wallpaper. I just felt a story coming to life when I looked at it, so I decided to use it as my conceptual photo. I edited the photo in Lightroom and Photoshop.



I found these jars in the old Doctor’s House. I loved the way they blended in with the behind curtains, I noticed that they each were a different type of jar and knew that I could easily make it into an add. Edited with Lightroom and Photoshop.



I had such a wonderful time shooting in RAW format and capturing such wonderful portraits at Bannack, Montana Ghost Town. The models were absolutely so wonderful and easy to work with. I’m really happy with how each individual photo turned out.

Portraits (Single)

Outdoor Lighting

I took this photo in natural light, but had some harsh shadows. I decided it would look best in a very HDR looking black and white. This photo is edited in Photoshop and Lightroom.



Working with speed lights was such a fun experience! I decided that I wanted the background to be very noticeable, so I made sure to get the speed light on the models face so she would still be visible. I edited the photo in Lightroom and Photoshop.



This photo was also taken with a speed light. I wanted to get a nice chiaroscuro on the models face, so I turned my ISO down and had the speedlight off to the right side of the frame and used natural light from the left side of the frame. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.


Einstein Light

This photo was taken with an Einstein Light (ultimately my favorite). I loved the affect it made on the model, I thought it made her look absolutely flawless. I wanted to have a picture of her walking down the stairs, almost has if she was attending a ball. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop


Portrait (Group)

Continuous Lighting

The group shots I took, I wasn’t super impressed with. We used continuous light which was a little difficult to get the hang of. This photo I chose because I loved the face of the first model. I edited the photo in Lightroom and Photoshop making the faces sharper and realistic.



As I began this process of macro/close up shooting, I realized that it is a lot more difficult than it seems. However, I had such a wonderful time learning the type of close up skills my camera had, and how I could make the photos much more crisp and clean in Photoshop!

Close Up- Bullets

My first three photos are of different bullets, I know that most people don’t look at the small details bullets have, and the details are quite amazing. It took me a lot of time to get each photo in focus where I wanted and to have enough light to really show the unique detail.

allysonjenson-7mm allysonjenson-7mmremmag allysonjenson-22

This last photo I did was of my leaky faucet. I was really drawn to the water droplets and the way that they show so much color and detail through them. After taking the original photo I brought it into Photoshop to sharpen and brighten up the colors! allysonjenson-dripdrip

Water Drops: Succulent & Broccoli


The picture of the succulent is one of my favorites, I noticed right away that I could get the water droplets to stay in once place on the plant. I used a squirt bottle to get the different sized drops. I took the photo and then brought it into Photoshop to sharpen and color the photo that I felt was most accurate with the plant.


This last picture was quite a bit difficult for me! The only thing I could think of using was a head of broccoli, the water droplets blended in so much with the broccoli that it was really difficult to catch one. I ended up using this photo, because I believe that it captured quite an amazing moment. I then took the photo into Photoshop to sharpen it up.


I really enjoyed this weeks assignment! I had so many individuals willingly take time our of their day to help me out. I was really excited how most of the photos turned out, and I can’t wait to keep showing off what I do best. It’s amazing the wide variety of portraits you can capture.


Individual- Side Composition: This photo is taken of my gorgeous cousin Raquel. I used levels and curves to get the right coloring in the photo and to give it a more matte film look. I then brightened up her eyes with dodge, and darkened up the colors in her hair with burn.


Individual- Head or Head and Shoulders: This is a portrait of my old roommate and really good friend Savannah. We went out to Nature Park just around 5:00 and began to get really nice natural lighting. I brought the photo into Photoshop and briefly touched of a few things, included white balance, and levels.


Individual- Full Body: This is also another picture of Savannah taken in Nature Park. I wanted to do a more serious posed photo, so we found some steps at the skate park and I posed her. After the shot was taken I went into photoshop, I straightened and cropped the photo, then used levels, curves, and dodge and burn. I contoured her face to make it look more fierce.


Group Activity- Candid: Since I had already asked my cousin to pose for portraits, she wanted me to snap some quick family photos. This is a photo of her two little boys, I caught them staring at each other and smiling, I couldn’t help but use it for a candid shot! When the photo was taken it was a little overexposed, so I went into photoshop and played with levels until I got a nice medium contrast/color. I then sharpened up the faces of the two boys using an unsharp mask.


Group Posed- Two or More People: My cousin insisted that I take an actual good photo of her and her husband because they hadn’t had a good one in years! Her and I worked equally in coming up with a pose that would both be loving and adorable. After the photo was taken I used photoshop and messed with levels and curves.


Environmental- Individual: This is a picture I snapped of my husband Robert playing his computer games. I thought it would come out a lot better than it did, which is why I went into photoshop and turned it black and white. I initially wanted the photo to be a more faded black and white, but thought it looked better darker.


Portrait Enhancements: I chose another photo of Savannah for the portrait enhancement. The before photo was really good but I just thought it needed a little bit more adjustments. I did most of my adjustments in Lightroom but used photoshop as well. I first went in and added a preset, which helps with exposure, coloring, highlights, and more. I then went in and changed the color of her shirt to make it match. Then I went into photoshop to whiten her teeth and remove blemished and lines from her face and neck. I also went in with dodge and burn to add contouring to her face and darkened her eyebrows.

allysonjenson-enhancedportrait allysonjenson-normalportrait

Color Match: I also used a picture of Savannah for this one, we took a lot of pictures and they all look different. I used the photo of Raquel because it had good light and color matched it with the original photo because it was really dark. The match didn’t go completely well, for Savannah’s hair is red and her teeth a little grey, but ooverall it was an amazing process!







Color Replace: I used a picture of my cousin’s kids. I decided to change the color of Becca’s dress to a light purple/grey color. It was easiest for her because she was wearing a solid color so it was able to pain on better. I also cropped the photo, because one of the kids was blurry, and I brightened up Becca and Remy’s eyes.

allysonjenson-colorchange allysonjenson-colorchangeoriginal